Hokkaido Shred Episode 42

This was my second line of the day back on March the 16th. Not deep conditions, but very fun spring snow. Wouldn’t mind getting some now!

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2014 BC Day 14 = No Name Peak

This was back on Tuesday the 1st of April. Turned out to be my last climb of the season. Had a great winter, but then didn’t do nearly as much as I wanted to in the spring. Just feeling under the weather really. Oh well. 14 BC trips for the season is still pretty good!

Anyway, it snowed Sunday through to Monday lunchtime so just had to get out for some on the Tuesday. Should have gone Monday though! Just corn snow waiting for us… Skinned up in 30 and just did the one run.


2014 BC Day 13 = No Name Peak

This was back on Sunday the 16th of March and it was the first time to sleep in the car all season. So much easier in the spring. In fact, it can be hard NOT to sleep in! Anyway, we got up to the pass and started the hike at 9am. The snow was looking lush too. A group of four had gone up before us, but must have continued on to another peak. We got to the top in 1 hour 10 (snowshoeing time, that is… I had to wait a little!) and got first tracks down. With all the new snow, everything looked a little different, which made it a FUN ride down. Had to get up for a second and got back to the top of the treeline in about 30. The sun was starting to come out about this point and the second run felt really good – just picked a really nice line down. Always good. Burgers for lunch too!

MHM on the way up!

MHM on the way up…




2014 BC Day 12 = No Name Peak

Out with IF on Thurday the 13th of March and it had DUMPED overnight. Still snowing nicely on the pass too. Wind was fine. Skinned to the top of the treeline twice (had no interest going above it!) and it was easy on the skis despite the new snow. First hike took about 23 minutes. Second hike took 18. If I had been on snowshoes with my board strapped to my back, it could have taken up to an hour for just one. Gotta say, I love backcountry skiing! Both lines down were SWEET.

2014 BC Day 11 = No Name Peak

Out with MHM on Sunday the 2nd of March and got the hike going at 9am. Weather was bluebird and cold, although it was a little windy and cloudy as we got near the top. Hit the peak in 1 hour 10. First line down was good, just light powder, but still really fun. Skinned up to the top of the treeline for another in 30 minutes. The second line was fun too. Burgers for lunch as well!

MHM on the way up...

MHM on the way up…