2014 BC Day 12 = No Name Peak

Out with IF on Thurday the 13th of March and it had DUMPED overnight. Still snowing nicely on the pass too. Wind was fine. Skinned to the top of the treeline twice (had no interest going above it!) and it was easy on the skis despite the new snow. First hike took about 23 minutes. Second hike took 18. If I had been on snowshoes with my board strapped to my back, it could have taken up to an hour for just one. Gotta say, I love backcountry skiing! Both lines down were SWEET.

2014 BC Day 11 = No Name Peak

Out with MHM on Sunday the 2nd of March and got the hike going at 9am. Weather was bluebird and cold, although it was a little windy and cloudy as we got near the top. Hit the peak in 1 hour 10. First line down was good, just light powder, but still really fun. Skinned up to the top of the treeline for another in 30 minutes. The second line was fun too. Burgers for lunch as well!

MHM on the way up...

MHM on the way up…



2014 BC Day 10 = No Name Peak

Out here again on Thursday the 27th of February with IF and it was bluebird with almost no wind. However the snow was low and it was slushy in the carpark as well. Nice day for a hike though so skinned to the top in 55 minutes. Didn’t put my gloves or balaclava on until I got to the peak! The skiing was still good though. Light powder in the top bowl and still good snow almost to the bottom. Fun session.

Soup Curry SAMURAI

Checked out the Susukino branch of this well-known soup curry chain in Sapporo. Good food and a nice atmosphere (as long as your head doesn’t connect with the low ceilings going up the stairs), but our waitress was a little icy. Little disappointing as this place seems to be slightly more expensive than other soup curry restaurants… The guy on the cash register was perfectly friendly though…


2014 BC Day 9 = No Name Peak

Got out the door in decent time on Thursday the 13th of February and on the mountain just after 1pm with IF. Solid trail established, but the group who had done it had ridden back down right beside their trail and decimated the general area. Anyway got above the treeline and with clear skies and so many lines in the top bowl decided to go to the top. Took an hour all up. Clicked into my skis and started down except… the snow was quite heavy and had a slight crust on it too. Ugly! This explains the carnage at the bottom. Made it down without any mishaps, but it wasn’t even remotely fun. Nice hike though!

2014 BC Day 8 = No Name Peak


Made it out here with MHM on Sunday the 9th for another session. Cold, windy and snowy so only did the one climb. Made it up in about 40 minutes and had a nice run down. The soup curry was good too. Didn’t have it spicy though…


2014 BC Day 7 = No Name Peak


Out with IF for yet another session here on Thursday the 6th. Didn’t have so much time (pretty cold and windy too) and only did one climb today – skinned to just above the treeline in about 30. Gotta get going earlier, needed another line! Always want to get more than one line when I’m out in the BC, but it particularly grates now that I am on skis as I can get up the mountain so much quicker. Didn’t bother me so much on the snowboard/snowshoes. My one run down was pretty nice though.