2015 BC Day 8 = The Impact Zone

Out with IF on Thursday the 29th of January and it was bluebird! Initially drove past the Impact Zone heading for No Name Peak, but with conditions so similar to last Sunday, had to hit here again. Anyway, did two lines. The first climb took 36 minutes, but the second only took 30. Not a long climb, but it just wasn’t that easy – hard to pick the right route up the mountain. Fortunately the skiing was sweeeet though!

2015 BC Day 7 = The Impact Zone

First time to ski this back on Sunday the 25th of January. Wasn’t planning on it initially, but someone had dropped a sweet line down there so we had to get some too! This line requires a ride up the hill and then only a short hike after before POW POW goodness. Fortunately the snow pit results were all good as it was steep and deep before skiing out through the trees and on to the flats back to the carpark. Three lines. Kinda wanted more, but we started a little late. Too much fun though!



2015 BC Day 6 = No Name Peak

Out with IF before work in Obihiro on Thursday the 22nd of January. Gotta love Thursdays! Hiked three lines today. The trail was pretty established so it wasn’t hard to get up around the top of the treeline quick. Only took about 20 minutes to get up there. Snow was in rippable condition too. Definitely a fun session.

2015 BC Day 5 = No Name Peak

Out with IF on Thursday the 15th of January. Really clear skies and no wind, but also no new snow. The hike was easy though and skinned to the peak in 55 minutes. The snow was a little firm, which made for some fast skiing. Not overly welcome in the trees! Only time for one run today. Nice to be out though!