2013 BC Day 4 – No Name Peak

AKA Hokkaido Shred Episode 35

With a few resort days under my belt since the last BC hike, we made it out to No Name Peak on Sunday the 17th of February. Got going at 8:20AM and made it up top in 1 hour 10. There was still a good track up from the day before, so the hike was easy. Still lots of lines too. First run down from the peak was sweet, so we had to climb again – this time to the top of the tree line, which only took about 30 minutes. Another fun line. Unfortunately I somehow managed to turn on the camera and film the inside of my jacket pocket as I was climbing (quite difficult to do actually) so the battery died on the second run – just as I was about to film MHM riding from behind for the first time… Oh well, next time…

MHM getting started...

MHM getting started…



Almost there...

First hike almost done. The peak is in sight!

MHM gearing up after the second hike...

MHM gearing up after the second hike…

Ready to ride!

Ready to ride!

Hokkaido Shred Episode 35 from Hokkaido Shred on Vimeo.


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