2013 BC Day 6 – The Impact Zone




Up early with MHM on Sunday the 3rd of March to meet GS and get back to The Impact Zone on a mission to find our line from a few weeks ago. However after battling up the mountain for 1 hour 40, we realised we had gone past it this time… Hard work as my left snowshoe came off about five times or so on the way up, not to mention sinking into the snow with every step. Funny thing was that I was at the back and no one else was having any troubles – then again, GS was on skis and MHM only weighs about 45kgs!

Anyway our first line down was fun, but it was hard to string a lot of turns together – always had to check where everyone else was. Lot of trees, after all. Great fun to dodge though… and the POW was pretty awesome too! Anyway, we went back up a second and third time to hit a shorter POW run (only 15 minutes of hiking), which totally satisfied.

As did the burgers afterwards…

MHM on the way up...

MHM on the way up…

GS ready to go...

GS ready to go…

MHM about to strap in...

MHM about to strap in…



Hokkaido Shred Episode 37 from Hokkaido Shred on Vimeo.


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