Canvas Surfboards The Movie

The Happy Poison Gang

A showcase of surfing lifestyle, travel, and shredding on various Canvas Surfboards. Canvas Surfboards The Movie will be a fun, creative, super low budget movie made to stoke you out. The movie will be released end of summer 2011.

Starring – Naki, Noah Funaki, Kameron Brown, Christian Yeager, George Trimm, Lindsey Steinride-Engle, Ryan Engle, Blake Washington, Calvin Sanders, Carson Wach, Christian Wach, and more!

Filmed in California, Hawaii, Eastern Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

Directed by Christian Wach

Edited by George Trimm and Christian Wach

Song- YEAH by Christian Wach

Director of Photography – George Trimm, Hannah Norton, Christian Wach, and Yassine Ouhilal.

Big Thanks to On The Board magazine in Japan! Go Pro Cameras, Gotcha, Von Zipper, Reunion Wetsuits, Stickybumps, and Nakisurf!


via Canvas Surfboards The Movie on Vimeo.

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