Shinhidaka HALF-MARATHON : 2013


Today just wasn’t my day. Ran a good race on a hilly course into a headwind at the Nosappu-misaki half-marathon three weeks ago, trained well since then, but have been feeling out of sorts the last couple of days which lingered over into race day… today… Disappointed with the time, but glad to get around the course and to run another half-marathon. The weather was good and it was a nice course too, if a little buggy. Basically an out and back starting at the ice rink by the river in Shinhidaka (Shizunai) then running out into the countryside. Quite flat with just the odd roller to deal with, and just one short hill to get over. Fairly local event (only 2000 yen entry as well!) so there was only one other foreigner in the race, apart from me. Thus the cheering squads would cheer for me by name. Definitely gave me a lift!

photo (13)


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