This was a race I did back in NZ on the 23rd of November. In hindsight, tacking this on at the end of the year and hoping to do well was just wishful thinking. Leaving Japan Wednesday afternoon, arriving in NZ Thursday afternoon, race Saturday morning? Yeah right. Feeling rested and NOT being a gassy, blocked up mess from airplanes and airplane food? Not going to happen! Two words. Training. Run.

Anyway this was a local country event in the Selwyn District, which is about 45 minutes from Christchurch. Lots of farmland and lots of sheep. All good! The weather was nice for running too. Moments of sunshine, but generally cloudy and mildly warm. Sunned up after the race though.

Things started off good and hit my race gels at 5K. No, not my normal ones. I forgot to buy them… so got something totally random in NZ. However they didn’t seem to be a problem and got a decent boost from them. Also had the tunes going (first time for me in a race), but I took them out at 10K. The headphones were slipping around due to the sweat and I was done with the music anyway – all good at the start though.

So all was going fine until… I got to the 15K mark or so. Started getting cramps in my calves again. Drank a lot of water, plus 750mls of PowerAde, the day before on Friday. Felt I drank enough pre-race, and then hit plenty of water at the aid stations, but it happened again. Got slower and slower until I finally hobbled across the finish line. Ended up running eight minutes slower than my race three weeks before…

Oh well, what are you going to do?!



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