Yumenoshima Cafe Half-marathon 2014

1月18日の土曜日に2014年初のマラソン大会に参加してハーフ・マラソンを走りました。第一回夢の島でカフェ・ハーフマラソン&リレーマラソンでした。勿論北海道の大会ではなくて、東京でやりました。江東区夢の島競技場の周り(2.1キロコース)を10回走りました。勿論ずっと同じ場所で走ったら退屈になりますが、天気が良くて、川のそばで、TOKYO SKYTREEも見えたので楽しめました。勿論北海道の冬ほど寒くないですが、ちょっと寒かったです。北海道のマラソン大会は秋までですが。それで私はずっとジャケットを着て走りました。他のいい点はいつも給水場所が近いことです☆


Had mileage ready to expire on my ANA card, so entered a random half-marathon and jumped on a plane down to Honshu with MHM. This was the first edition of this particular race and it was based at an athletics track with a 2.1km course around the track and down beside the nearby river. Yes, that’s right. 10 LAPS! The athletics track was also set above the trails down by the river, so it meant 10 climbs to get back up every lap. Not a big (or long) hill at all, but it did start to grind you down by the end. The one good thing about doing ten laps was that you could hit the drinks station all ten times if you wanted to – the water was never far off!

Anyway, the race started cloudy and cold at 9:40AM. Lot of hats and gloves and one person was even wearing a down vest! It was quite cold down by the river though and I did put on my running jacket when I got the chance. Being able to run past your “support crew” ten times was handy! The sun came out after a while and it turned into a nice day though.

Being a 2.1KM course it was quite crowded, particularly at the start, and even once it spread out you could never really get your own space. At times this was a little stressful – the trail by the river was an out and back and you ran in two lanes coming and going. However at one point you actually had to cross over in front of each other for it to all work out (the course wasn’t meant to be like that originally, they had to change it at the last moment due to…well something anyway…) This was on the hill so the downhill runners were coming at pace as well. Never really enjoyed that…

The sensor mat for the chips was quite a narrow one too and I was always careful to run over it with both feet and make sure my laps were recorded. There did seem to be a couple of cases where people thought they had finished, but were sent around for another lap despite their GPS units telling them they were done…

The winter is definitely the off-season for running in Hokkaido and although I had been out running, I definitely hadn’t done any long runs in a while. Never expecting a fast time, but it was just nice to be able to get a race in during the winter.

And at one point they announced my progress over the loudspeaker. Always nice when that happens! Didn’t hear it myself as I was just out of earshot unfortunately…



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