Shibetsu 10K : 2014

Out to Shibetsu City on Sunday the 20th of July and it totally felt like my first run of the year, but I did actually do a half-marathon down in Tokyo in January. That was a long time ago now though! Didn’t get much of anything done since the spring (long story…) so I knew this was going to be tough. I actually entered and pulled out of the Biei quarter-marathon at the beginning of June, but I wasn’t going to do that this time, despite the lack of training!

First time for me to run this race, which was mainly in the countryside. Nice 10K course (two and a bit laps for the half-marathon) on a hot, sunny day. Fortunately they had four water stations to keep things cool and I had no problem stopping for all of them though – even the last one, which was about 500 metres from the finish! The run was tough so I needed an easy target to get to. 5K between each station would have been a bit too long!

Started off feeling pretty good, but soon realised I didn’t drink enough pre-race. Wouldn’t you know it, there was a hill at the start of the race too (well, okay, a small hill…) Instantly fell off the pace, but the first water station was at the top so it all worked out okay. After that, we left town, went into the country and I fell into a rhythm. Didn’t have a lot of stamina so I wasn’t fast, but just pleased to get around the course and get one done after such a long break. Being Sheep Town Shibetsu, the lamb kebabs and beer afterwards were pretty good too. Lots of people queuing up though!



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