2015 BC Day 4 = No Name Peak

BC Day 4. BC Ski Day 2.

Stayed at home the night before and drove out on Saturday the 10th of January with MHM. On the road at 7:30am. Kinda late, but finally hiking at around 11am. Windy and snowy. Fortunately some people had gone up first (and the track from Thursday was still basically in existence) so got up to just below the treeline pretty quick. Wasn’t interested in going to the top today… First hike 30 minutes. For me on skins, that is. Obviously the snow had compacted pretty nicely. First run was sweet. Really sweet. Feeling pretty good on the skis. Sunned up a little too.

Anyway, skinned up for a second line in another 30. The wind had blown over probably half of the trail so I kinda had to break it myself second time around. The second run was epic too. Snowing pretty good for this one though.

Burgers at Oakway for lunch went down great too…



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