Ebetsu Nopporo HALF-MARATHON : 2015

2015 HM #1
2015 Race #3

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

Price : 3500 yen
Course : 6 laps. Rolling course. Kinda hard really…
Course time : 2 hours 30 minutes

Almost signed up for the 10K here, but signed up for the HM in the end. Always going to be very much a training run though. Anyway, left town way too late at about 9:30pm. Arrived at our rest stop on the expressway between Tomakomai and Sapporo at about 1:30am. Slept then got to the venue at the Nopporo Sports Grounds.

Anyway, turns out it is six laps on a course in and around the sports grounds here. One good thing is that there are six drink stations. Planned on walking through all of them and taking my time! Looked to be pretty warm too. Plenty of time as they did the 5/10K at 9am first up, but somehow I managed to get rushed to the start. No warmup, but did get a few stretches in. Gut was a little rough, but that’s nothing new. So, six laps.

Turned out it wasn’t a flat course either! Nothing crazy, but there was a climb at the start of the lap and another drop and climb about halfway through. Six of each is a grind!

First lap was rough and took me a while to warm into it. The first half of each lap was quite sheltered, but the second half was quite windy. A headwind, in fact. Kept on running though. Kept my pace slow and only looked at the watch after every lap…

MHM was on hand at the start/finish of almost every lap, which was good. She handed me a Mini Snickers at the end of lap four (I had actually asked her to do it at the end of lap five). Tasted amazing. Eventually made my gut worse though. Nothing to stop me running, but didn’t encourage me to run any faster. Hah!

Second half of the race was, not surprisingly, slower than the first. Last lap started to get cramps. Hard work, but got over the line. Got water, four packets of packaged ramen and pork soup. No free onsen though. To avoid disappointment, I had a Corona on ice in my cooler box. Nice.

Wasn’t expecting anything with this so fine with how I did. Just needed to get a couple of races done in May to set me up for June.

Kaiten sushi for lunch!


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