Karikachi 12K Trail Run : 2015

2015 Trail Run #2
2015 Race #2

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Course : Hilly… but a lot of it was on hard, packed trails…

Up at 5am and out the door at 6ish to drive out to Sahoro. Crazy wind in town, which turned to on and off rain from about Shimizu. The pass was covered in cloud and it wasn’t looking that promising… Got there for registration at around 8:30am and it even started to hail. Kinda cleared up UNTIL five minutes before the race was due to start when we got hit with a downpour. A cold downpour.

So that’s how the race started. Raining. Hard. Anyway, the course was generally on hard trails and much more of a rolling course than the last two trail runs I did. Fun, and a really nice course too. Some good climbs, but nothing too steep or too long. There was a patch in the middle when it sunned up (and even heated up), but we finished like we started – in the wind and rain. After about 8K the course got a little softer (but not really that soft) and the first and only drink station (water only) came at 9K. Why even bother?! (The people doing the 20K probably appreciated it though…)

Despite the weather I totally enjoyed running this as I had no pressure on myself for times. Crossed the finish line in the rain feeling good and got my complimentary drink (again, water). Also scored some local packaged soba (can’t be very expensive) and free admission to a hot spring a little off the main drag (which I had to go use). 3500 yen entry. Come on… no soup?!

I guess they printed off the certificates at the tent at the finish line as soon as people crossed the line. Once I worked this out, I grabbed my folder and walked back there to get it. A guy there sees me coming, walks out from under the tent and hands my certificate to me. In the rain. The guy was all thumbs too. Man, nice thinking there. Oh well… dried quick enough…

Burgers at Oakway for lunch. Always good.


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