Shinhidaka HALF-MARATHON : 2015

2015 HM #4
2015 Race #6
Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Price : 2500 yen
Course : Basically flat, but there was one hill in there…
Course time : 2 hours 30 minutes

Out in the new ride and out to Shinhidaka the night before. Decided to crash at the sports ground where the race starts and finishes…except all the toilets brought in for the race were locked. There were a couple of “older” permanent ones open though. Of course, it was pitch black down there. MHM decided to decline on using them!

Anyway, up the next morning and the race started at 9:30am. Kinda cold first thing, but glad I just stuck with shorts and tank top. Weather was cloudy generally and about 20 degrees. Good running weather. The course here is generally flat with a few rollers and one hill. Starts off by the river, but then quickly goes into the country. Started at the back of the pack and just cruised. Got to the 10K mark and drank my second jelly drink (the first I drank at 5K). Really beautiful course in the country. Lots of horse stables. Really popular for cherry blossom viewing too.

Got to the 15K marker, which was at the top of the one actual hill, and then back to the sports ground to the finish. Again, no cramps in my calves. Only stopped to walk through the water stations. Have done a lot of hilly walks lately, more than running actually. Has walking stairs made my running better?! Anyway, entered the sports ground and charged to the finish. Awesome. All of a sudden I am sprinting to the finish again… Negative splits, too!

Not only is this a really nice course, but the race officials and supporters totally pump you up. On three occasions they were supporting me BY NAME. Might possibly be because I am a foreigner though. Ha ha. The second and third time were out of control. Fairly big groups of people lining the street on either side at random places (probably the checkpoints). Single fist pumps became double fist pumps. Totally lapped it up.

Water and mini tomatoes at the finish to go with the race towel and some kind of “edible” seaweed. Had a soy joy bar and two Budweisers as well.

The guest runner from Nosappu-misaki came back to win this race too. Instead of a Q and A session, he did a signing/photo session. Naturally he remembered me. Ha ha. Asked him what his training plans were for Monday. Work and an EZ 20K back in Shikoku. The day after running 1:05. Damn!


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