Ebetsu Nopporo HALF-MARATHON : 2015

2015 HM #12
2015 Race #14
Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Price : 3500 yen
Course : Six laps on a rolling course. A grind!
Course time : 2 hours 30 minutes


Wow, so not pumped to run this last race. Just feeling beat down and tired, but had to get out for it. Wasn’t feeling so hot on the morning of the race either. But…managed to get to the start line. I really wanted to finish the season with the Obihiro HM on Sunday the 1st, but the RWC final was on late Saturday night and I couldn’t miss that. Tuesday was a national holiday and there was this one last race so I entered. I did actually do the exact same race in May (they obviously decided to hold this race twice a year – this being just the second edition).

As before, it was not an interesting course. Six laps in and around the local sports grounds in Ebetsu. It was also not that easy. A rolling grind of a course…that you have to do six times. You do get the drink station six times, which is good, and there are people supporting you there, but you mainly have to just run it with the officials and the other runners for company…as well as dodging people who are just there to use the sports grounds. The HM started at 11am so there were more and more random people around. Not a huge problem though, just a little tedious, especially at the end of a race! The 5 and 10K started earlier and were probably much easier to navigate.

Anyway, I just put my head down and did it. Nothing much of interest happened. I just got it done…and was stoked to finish!

12 HMs for 2015…and 9 HMs in 9 weeks!


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