Work in progress… I think… No, I’m totally on it!


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  1. enjoyed visiting your site (good fun, good food, good beer); I have been to hokkaido a half dozen times and am visiting Hakodate for a couple months this summer and am bring one or two longboard with me; and after December 2013 I’m retiring there for a period of time (my wife took a teaching position there). Snow skied Hakodate Nanae a number of times and plan to take up snow boarding in my retirement. I’ve lived on Oahu, Hawaii for 25 years; so the transition to cold water and winter will be touch; coldest water I’ve surfed has been Santa Cruz, California (6 yrs) and Christchurch NZ (1 yr) never had any snow on the ground. Does the video show you surfing at “Toi” at Hamacho along Esan highway (278)? I remember driving by it last summer and there were surfers riding lefts and right and a high surf retaining wall. I don’t speak Japanese so can’t write it.

    • Thanks for your comment, Richard. Well… yeah… the water is pretty cold in Hokkaido! The video was not taken anywhere near Hakodate though. It’s not really a secret spot, but it’s definitely not a main spot either, so no need to put it in writing!

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