2015 BC Day 12 = White Noise

BC Day 12. BC Ski Day 10.

On the mountain and hiking at 8:20am with IF on Thursday the 5th of March. 10th BC Ski trip for the season. A few weeks off due to bronchitis though…

Easily first on the mountain, being a Thursday, but due to all the snow recently, had to break some serious trail to get the goods. Anyway, got to the top in one hour ten. My lungs seemed to be holding out okay. Dug a pit, it all seemed good and the first line down was sweeeeet. Started to sun up as well. Hiked a second line in 40 minutes and skied this one out to the bottom. Three other guys about halfway up by this stage. Snow down lower felt a bit heavy and my legs were tired as well so was a bit of a struggle getting over the flatter section at the bottom. 

But… two unreal lines done. Haven’t been on this mountain in a while. Good to do it and glad to be back in the BC. 


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